While viewing a flight, click the “More” drop-down in the upper-right to view PDF copies of the documents associated with a flight. The PDFs can be viewed and saved on the computer on which you’re accessing Dispatch, for printing or distribution as needed outside of Dispatch.

Available Documents include:

ICAO Document -  official ICAO flight plan form layout.
Overflight Report - lists FIR and national airspace (country) overflights as well as overflight fees (navigation charges/overflight charges) for the countries where we have data. The document is typically useful for confirming that you have the proper overflight permissions in place and for flights in or over Europe, it is useful to get an estimate of the overflight charges.
NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen) - issued for the departure and destination airports. Dispatch divides NOTAMs according to their type, with sub-tabs for Airport, Obstacles, TFR, and ARTCC NOTAMs.
WX - METARs/TAFs, and SIGMETs/AIRMETs for the Departure, Destination, Alternate, and selected route. 
Route Report - analyzes the route against the Jeppesen Airway Manual data and outputs all found airway restrictions and notes. The routing engine cannot yet comply with restrictions outside of US and Europe, and so the purpose of this document is to help manually check your route against Middle Eastern, African, Asian, and other airway constraints.