The Navlog button in the upper right of the Flight Edit view provides a detailed overview of your flight that can be printed out and referenced to aid inflight decision-making.

You can view the Navlog by clicking the Navlog button in the top right of the Flight Edit view. The Navlog can also be accessed for each Flight by selecting Navlog from the More drown-down menu located on the right-hand side of the Flights list.

You can customize the appearance of the navlog by choosing another navlog template. Only administrators can change the navlog template. If you are an administrator, select settings on the top right-hand corner and select a different navlog under the briefing settings section.

The Navlog has several sections:

1. Route and Clearance

2. Fuel

3. Alternate/RVSM and Times

4. Route Waypoints

5. Wind/Altitude Matrix

6. Departure and Destination Airport Information