The Load & Crew sections contain fields related to the aircraft’s payload, passengers, and crew members who will receive the flight once it’s released.

1. Load

  • People -The total number of people onboard the aircraft including crew members. The default value for this field is either one or two depending on the selected aircraft’s minimum crew requirements. When creating a new flight using the “Next Flight” button at the top of the Flight Edit view, this value is carried over from the previous flight to the next flight.

  • Avg. Weight - The average weight of all people on the aircraft used to calculate the total weight of all passengers and crew. The default value is 200 pounds but Dispatch will set any new value you enter as the new default for future flights.

  • Cargo - The combined weight of all cargo/baggage for the flight or other items not included in the aircraft’s empty weight.

  • Use Max Load - When checked, Dispatch will automatically set the Cargo weight to the highest value possible without exceeding any of the aircraft’s maximum weight or fuel limits. The particular weight or fuel limit constraining this value depends on the flight: on short flights requiring little fuel, the maximum load may be determined by the max zero fuel weight (ZFW) or max takeoff weight (TOW), while on long flights that require more fuel, the maximum load may be determined by the aircraft’s total fuel limit.

When both Use Max Load and the Maximum fuel policy are selected, Dispatch prioritizes maximizing the payload before maximizing the flight’s total fuel. For shorter flights, this typically means that Dispatch will first max out the Payload and/or ZFW limits, then add fuel until the next weight limit is achieved (e.g. Ramp Weight, TOW, or Landing Weight). For long flights where the minimum fuel required is high, the Payload and ZFW limits may not be reached due to some other limit being achieved first.

2. Crew

The Crew fields allow you to designate crew members assigned to a flight. All crew members selected here will receive a notification when the flight is released or updated with changes and will have access to the flight in ForeFlight on their mobile devices.

Both the PIC and SIC fields are shown by default, but only the PIC field is required before the flight can be released or filed. You can add additional crew fields for PIC, SIC, or Cabin Attendant (CA) using the Add Crew button. Click on any crew field to open a dropdown menu listing all selectable users on your account by name or email address (if no name is available). Use the Search Bar at the top of the menu to quickly filter the list as you type. Click on a user to select them for that crew field. 

You can also type the email address of someone who is not part of your account into the Search field and hit enter to add them as an “ad-hoc” pilot. Releasing a flight with an ad-hoc pilot will send them the same notification email sent to pilots on your account, but will not give them access to the flight in ForeFlight. Any changes you make and save to the flight will prompt an update email to be sent to the ad-hoc pilot, just like with pilots on your account.