You can invite and manage members of your ForeFlight business account in the Organization tab on ForeFlight’s web application. From here you can invite new users, and manage devices, data, and documents.

Inviting New Users

Administrators on the account can sign in to and click on the Organization tab. In the top right, click Add Users to the Account. Total iPads and iPhone in use will show in this view as well. You can click on an individual user’s email address to set users as Administrators, reset their password, as well as remove them from a Jeppesen coverage or the account.

When adding new users, make sure to fill in their full name, phone number, and optional crew code. Filling out the name helps Dispatch put the proper pilot name into the data sent to ATC, and adding the phone number will allow ForeFlight to send text notifications to the pilot such as pre-departure clearance or ATC ground delays (EDCTs in the United States and CTOTs in European airspace).

The crew code is an optional field that can be filled in if you plan on connecting a supported scheduling system to your ForeFlight Dispatch account. Some scheduling systems utilize an alphanumeric code to uniquely identify crew members such as “JODO” to identify the pilot “John Doe”. If your scheduling system does not use crew codes, this field is not required. However, in that case, you need to make sure the email addresses used in ForeFlight Dispatch and the 3rd party scheduling system are the same.