Dispatch’s primary view, the Flights List, shows all past, planned and filed flights on the account using Dispatch-enabled aircraft, with flexible filter settings to search for past flights, monitor current flights, and prepare for upcoming flights.

1. Viewing and Ordering The Flights List

The Flights List provides an overview of all flights on the account, with basic information shown for each flight using a number of columns. By default, the list is ordered by departure time in descending order. Some of the columns can be used to order the list in different ways; mouse over a column header and if an arrow icon appears, you can click on the header to re-order the Flights List based on that column’s contents. Click once to sort the list in ascending order, click again to sort it in descending order, and click a third time to return the list to its default order.

  • ETD - shows the flight’s estimated date and time of departure in both zulu and local time in the departure airport’s time zone. It can be sorted in either ascending or descending order by time.

    1. EDCT/CTOT - If the flight’s departure is delayed due to a Traffic Management Initiative or other reason, ATC will issue an Expect Departure Clearance Time (US) or a Calculated Take Off Time (Europe) for the flight. The new expected departure time will be shown below the flight’s original ETD and highlighted in orange.

  • AIRCRAFT - shows the selected aircraft’s alphanumeric registration, callsign (if one has been entered), and ICAO type. It cannot be sorted.

  • DEP/DEST - shows the 3 or 4 letter alphanumeric identifiers for the flight’s departure and destination airports. Can be sorted alphabetically in either ascending or descending order, which has the effect of grouping flights based on their airports’ ICAO region designator (e.g. “K” for CONUS, “C” for Canada, “E” for Europe, etc.)

  • Released - shows whether or not the flight has been released to the selected crew members. Released flights appear on crew members’ mobile devices and are automatically updated with any changes made to the flight within Dispatch. Flights created by a crew member on their mobile device will automatically show as Released when they appear in Dispatch. It cannot be sorted.

  • PIC - shows the name of the account member selected as the flight’s Pilot in Command. If no PIC has been selected this column shows “N/A”. It can be sorted alphabetically in either ascending or descending order.

  • Created by - shows the source of the flight plan in Dispatch.

    1. Dispatch - the flight was created by an account member within Dispatch using either the “New Flight” button or the “Next Flight” button in the Flight Edit view of another flight.
    2. Scheduling - the flight was created by a linked scheduling system via the Scheduling API. Learn more about Dispatch’s API here.
    3. Pilot - the flight was created by an account member within ForeFlight Mobile using a Dispatch-enabled aircraft.

    This column can be sorted alphabetically in either ascending or descending order, which has the effect of grouping flights based on their source.

  • Filing Status - shows the flight plan’s filing status and messages received from ATC. It cannot be sorted. Learn more about filing flight plans here.

    1. Not Filed - the flight plan has not been filed.
    2. Filed - the flight plan has been filed.
    3. Canceled - the flight plan was filed and subsequently canceled by an account member. Canceled flight plans can still be modified and refiled, at which point the status will change back to Filed.
  • ATC Messages - you can view the raw text of a flight’s ATC messages in the flight’s ATC Data tab here.

    1. (Nothing) - no message has been received by ATC. This is normal in many parts of the world where ATC does not explicitly acknowledge flight plans.
    2. ACK - the flight plan has been acknowledged and accepted by ATC. Note that canceled flight plans will still display the ACK message if they were acknowledged by ATC before being canceled. However, if a canceled flight plan is refiled then the ACK message will disappear until the flight plan is again acknowledged by ATC.
    3. REJ - the flight plan has been rejected by ATC. Rejected flight plans always revert to the Not Filed state, allowing account members to modify and refile them, at which point the REJ message will disappear.
    4. Partial REJ - the flight plan has been accepted by at least one ATC but also rejected by at least one ATC. This is more likely to occur on international flights, and the decision to amend the flight plan based on the rejection or take no action is up to the flight planner.
    5. PDC - ATC has issued a pre-departure clearance for the flight plan. Learn more about PDC messages here.
    6. A small letter icon might be shown next to the filing status. This indicates that the filing system has received a message related to the flight that could not be automatically interpreted. As a flight planner, you should inspect the messages using the ATC Data tab and look for any “UNK” (unknown) messages from ATC

By default, the Flights List will show only 25 flights per page, but you can change this number to 50 or 100 using the “Items per page” dropdown below the list. Use the arrow buttons to the right of the dropdown to move between adjacent pages or jump to the first or last page of the Flights List.

2. Filtering The Flights List

In addition to reordering the Flights List, you can filter the list to show only certain flights using the Filter Settings, Watch List, and Search bar at the top of the page. Each account member can filter the flight list however they want, and Dispatch applies their selected filter settings the next time they use it.

Filter Settings

The three Filter Settings in the top-left of the page allow you to only view flights that match the selected settings, making it easier to find and monitor flights that matter to you and removing the ones that don’t.

1. Filing Status - filter the Flights List to only show flights with a certain filing status.

  • All - show all flights regardless of their filing status
  • Filed - shows flights that have been filed as well as flights that have been attempted filed but resulted in an error or a rejection from ATC
  • Not Filed - show only flights that have not been filed
  • Rejected / Error - show only flights that have been rejected by ATC or encountered an error while filing
  • Canceled - show only flights that have been canceled by an account member

2. Filter by Time - filter the Flights List to only show flights with departure times in a certain range.

  • All future - show all flights with ETDs in the future
  • +/- 6 Hours - show only flights with ETDs within six hours of the present time
  • +/- 24 Hours - show only flights with ETDs within 24 hours of the present time
  • +/- 1 Week - show only flights with ETDs within a week of the present time
  • Last 30 days -  show all flights with ETDs in the past up to 30 days before the present time.
  • Custom… - adds new “From” and “To” fields with date-pickers to the right that allow you to define a custom date range from which to show flights. The custom date range is limited to a maximum of 30 days; selecting a From or To date that results in a date range greater than 30 days will cause the other selection to move such that the 30 day limit is maintained. Note that although you can only view 30 days at a time, there is no limit to how far back you can look, and all flights in Dispatch are permanently saved and available for later viewing.

3. Created by - filter the Flights List to only show flights that originated in a certain way.

  • Dispatch - show only flights created by account members within Dispatch
  • Scheduling - show only flights created by a linked scheduling system via the Scheduling API
  • Pilot - show only flights created by an account member within ForeFlight Mobile using a Dispatch-enabled aircraft

Watch List

The Watch List allows you to filter the Flights List based on custom keywords in addition to the currently-selected Filter Settings. The Watch List searches the following flight properties for anything matching your keywords and filters the Flights List to only show the results:

  • Aircraft tail number/registration
  • Aircraft callsign
  • Aircraft ICAO type code
  • DEP/DEST Airport identifiers (NOT airport or city names)
  • PIC names (including “N/A” for flights with no PIC selected)
  • Filing Status (including ATC messages like ACK and REJ)

Type a word, number, symbol, or phrase into the Watch List and hit Enter to add it as a keyword; the Watch List is not case-sensitive and allows spaces so you can add multi-word phrases like names. The Watch List also doesn’t require complete keywords to find matches, so entering only a person’s first name or the last 3 characters of an aircraft tail number will still return matching results. Adding multiple keywords to the Watch List will return results matching any of them, not all of them, so entering three aircraft tail numbers will return flights associated with any of them.

There is no limit on how many keywords you can add to the Watch List at a time, and Dispatch retains your keywords between sessions so you don’t have to enter them again if you close the browser or log out. Click the x next to any individual keyword to delete it, or click the x at the right of the Watch List field to clear the Watch List of all keywords.

Suggest we add something here on the most typical use case. “One of the most common use cases for the watch list is filtering on a tail number or aircraft type. Say a given Dispatcher has tasked work flights for all Challenger 300s. The Dispatcher will then type in CL30 at the beginning of his shift and hit enter. The flight list will now only show flights for Challenger 300s until the entry is removed. The dispatcher can still use the search field to further narrow down the search if he needs to look for a particular flight”

Search Bar

The Search Bar allows you to quickly filter the Flights List using a single keyword. The Search bar is similar to the Watch List in that it covers the same flight properties and has the same rules for entering keywords, but unlike the Watch List, the Search bar only allows you to search for one keyword at a time and begins filtering the Flights List as soon as you start typing, allowing you to see the results without hitting Enter. The Watch List and Search bar together provide a great degree of flexibility when it comes to filtering the Flights List and monitoring or searching for certain flights.

3. Refreshing The Flights List

The Flights List will automatically refresh every other minute, but you can manually refresh it by clicking the Refresh button in the top-right corner of the page.

4. Edit & More

Click the Edit button to the right of a flight to enter the Flight Edit view. Click More to access a number of quick actions and documents for the flight that change based on the flight’s status

Quick Actions

  • File - file an unfiled flight plan
  • Cancel - cancel a filed flight plan
  • Delay - delay a filed flight plan by selecting a new departure date and time. This operation is equivalent to amending and re-filing a flight plan with a new ETD. Learn more about delaying flight plans here.
  • Release - release a flight plan to selected crew members


  • Navlog - view the flight’s Navlog in a new tab. Learn more about ForeFlight’s Navlog here.
  • Briefing - view the flight’s Briefing in a new tab. Learn more about ForeFlight’s Briefing here.
  • ICAO Document - view the flight’s ICAO PDF document in a new tab. Learn more about the ICAO Document there.
  • Overflight Report - view the flight’s Overflight Report in a new tab. Learn more about the Overflight Report here.