Dispatch allows flight planners to share flights with assigned crew members using Flight Releases.

Released flights appear in ForeFlight Mobile directly on crew member devices, and any changes that flight planners save to the flight are also reflected for crew members in seconds. Flight planners can choose whether to allow crew members to modify flights released to them at the time of release, using the “Release locked” and “Release unlocked” options.

Releasing & Updating Flights

Flight Releases rely on ForeFlight’s robust cloud infrastructure to keep flights synchronized between everyone involved. Initial flight releases take under a minute to complete, and subsequent updates to released flights are generally reflected on crew members’ devices in even less time. Crew members also receive an email notification when a flight is released containing details about the flight assigned to them.

NOTE: If you have added crew members who are not part of your ForeFlight group account to a flight in Dispatch, those crew members will only receive a release email and will not have access to the flight from their ForeFlight account. 

  1. Releasing Flights from the Flights List
    While viewing the Flights List, click the More dropdown for a flight that has not yet been released. The Release option is available just under File. Click this and confirm that you want to release the flight to share it with the assigned crew members in the account’s default release mode (locked or unlocked). If no crew members have been selected for the flight then the Release option will be grayed out and cannot be clicked.

  2. Releasing Flights from the Flight Edit View
    The Flight Edit view allows you to release flights in locked or unlocked modes. After adding at least one crew member to a flight and saving it, click the caret to the right of the Release button to access the Release Locked and Release Unlocked options. Click on one and confirm to release the flight in that mode. Clicking the Release button itself and confirming will release the flight in locked mode.

  3. Updating Released Flights
    Released flights can be updated for crew members simply by making and saving changes to the flight in Dispatch. Almost all changes made to a flight must be saved before they appear on crew member devices, so making changes and then leaving the page without saving will discard the changes and they will not be reflected for crew members. The two exceptions to this rule are filing a flight plan and canceling a filed flight plan, which does not require you to save the flight after performing them for those actions to take effect.

  4. Un-Releasing Flights 
    The only way to “un-release” a flight at this time is to delete the flight in Dispatch. This will also delete the flight for any assigned crew members, effectively un-releasing it.

  5. Flights Created by Crew Members
    When a crew member creates a new flight on their mobile device using a Dispatch-enabled aircraft, the flight automatically appears in Dispatch as a released and unlocked flight, allowing both the crew member and flight planners to make changes to it. Flights created by crew members using aircraft that are not enabled for Dispatch will not appear in Dispatch and cannot be edited by anyone other than the crew member who created it.

Locked vs Unlocked Flight Releases

Flight planners can choose when releasing a flight whether the crewmembers assigned to the flight will be able to edit it, by releasing the flight as Locked or Unlocked.

Locked flights appear in the pilots’ Flights list on ForeFlight Mobile and ForeFlight Web alongside their other flights, with a label at the bottom of the flight summary showing the name of their organization. Once they tap on the flight to view its detail, a lock icon just under the Performance Summary at the top of the page indicates that the flight is locked from editing. Pilots can view all the flight’s details like they normally would, but most fields are grayed out and cannot be edited by the pilot.