Before using Dispatch, you must click on the Aircraft tab and create and Publish at least one new aircraft, or Publish an existing aircraft.

New Aircraft

To create a new aircraft for your flight department, you must be an administrator on the account.

Login to and click on the Group Aircraft tab. Click “New Aircraft” or you can copy an existing aircraft from the options in the top right.

General - Includes basic information about your aircraft like the Tail Number, aircraft color, and Home Airport. 

Aircraft Type -  Is used for filing flight plans, and includes a built-in type code lookup. Click “Aircraft Type” then enter the aircraft model or make in the search box. Scroll through the list to find the correct aircraft, then select that entry to set it as your aircraft’s type code.

Performance - Lists all performnce profiles available for the selected aircraft, including high-fidelity ForeFlight Performance Profiles automatically added when you select the aircraft type and custom profiles you create such as Basic and By-Altitude profiles. However, only ForeFlight Performance Profiles can be used with Dispatch; custom profiles are not selectable within Dispatch.

Default Cruise Altitude - Sets the default Flight Altitude, and the Maximum Ceiling sets the upper cut-off for the Altitude Advisor. Not entering a value for Maximum Ceiling will result in the Altitude Advisor returning results up to FL570.

Start/Taxi/Takeoff Fuel - Is the number of units (typically gallons) of fuel that your aircraft burns during Start, Taxi, and Takeoff.

  • IMPORTANT: Mistakenly entering a value as gallons per hour, instead of the total number of gallons burned during start, taxi, and takeoff may result in erroneously high fuel burn values for the trip.

Filing  - Includes the ICAO equipment needed to file a flight plan.