ATC Data is a 2nd tab available to the right of FLIGHT on the Flights view, where you can specify additional details about the flight.

1. Type of Flight

The Type of Flight can be:

S if scheduled air service
N if non-scheduled air transport operation
G if general aviation
M if a military
X if other than any of the defined categories above (ie, Experimental)

2. Flight Rules

The Flight Rules can be:

YFR Flight (IFR, followed by one or more changes of flight rules)
ZFR Flight (VFR, followed by one or more changes of flight rules)

3. STS Special Handling

Special Handling (only the following codes are accepted) Designated special handling codes used in ICAO Field 18 STS/ are below:

ALTRV - altitude reservation
HUM - Humanitarian
ATFMX - exempt from ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management)
FFR - Fire fighting
FLTCK - Flight Check
HEAD - Hazardous Materials
SAR - Search and Rescue
MEDEVAC - life-critical medical flight
HOSP - Medical Flight
MARSA - Military assumes responsibility for separation of aircraft
NONRVSM - Non-RVSM requesting operations in RVSM airspace
STATE - Military, customs, or police

4. Remarks

The Remarks section only accepts alphanumeric characters (A-Z, 0-9, and space). If you put any special characters in the Remarks field the flight plan will be rejected.

5. Other Information

Other Information can also be specified in these fields:

Other Information (File in this order) 

  1.      STS/ Special Handling (see list) 
  2.      PBN/ Performance Based Navigation (see list on back) 
  3.      NAV/ Other Navigation Capability (see FAA rqmts) 
  4.      COM/ Other Comm. Capability
  5.      DAT/ Other Data Application 
  6.      SUR/ Other Surveillance Capability (see FAA rqmts) 
  7.      DEP/ Non-standard Departure (e.g. MD24) 
  8.      DEST/ Non-standard Destination (e.g. EMI090021) 
  9.      DOF/ Date of Flight (e.g. 121123) 
  10.      REG/ Registration (if not in callsign) (e.g. N123A)
  11.      EET/ Estimated Elapsed Times (e.g. KZNY0124) 
  12.      SEL/ SELCAL (e.g. BPAM) 
  13.      TYP/ Non-standard AC Type 
  14.      CODE/ Aircraft/Mode S address in hex (e.g. A519D9) 
  15.      DLE/ Delay (at a fix) (e.g. EXXON0120) 
  16.      OPR/ Operator ORGN/Flight Plan Originator (e.g. KHOUARCW) 
  17.      PER/ Performance Category (e.g. A) 
  18.      ALTN/ Non-standard Alternate(s) (e.g. 61NC) 
  19.      RALT/ Enroute Alternate(s) (e.g. EINN CYYR KDTW)
  20.      TALT/ Take-off Alternate(s) (e.g. KTEB)
  21.      RIF/ Route to revised Destination 
  22.      RMK/ Remarks

6. AFTN Addressing

ForeFlight will insert all relevant Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) addressing based on current AIPs. Dispatch also provides the ability for users to add additional AFTN addresses, which can be added to the Flight Edit view’s ATC Data tab in the AFTN Addressing field. In addition to adding additional AFTN addresses on a per-flight basis, an Operational Rule can be created in the Dispatch Settings under the Operational Rules tab based on a single or combination of criteria such as Departure, Destination, Tail Number, Departure FIR, Destination FIR, and Overflown FIR. Once the AFTN Operation Rule has been created the AFTN address or addresses will be added to each flight that meets the defined criteria.