ForeFlight Dispatch is a powerful new component of ForeFlight web that delivers advanced, multi-user, schedule-to-mobile flight planning for flight departments of any size, from just one to many hundreds of aircraft.

Note: Each user of ForeFlight Dispatch must have a Business Performance subscription.

Collaborative Flight Planning in One Place

ForeFlight Dispatch keeps your entire operation in sync and running smoothly by providing a centralized list of all planned and filed flights that’s visible to everyone. Planners can get better insight into the status of any flight and an overall view of the day’s operations, while pilots can easily see flights assigned to them both on the web and on their mobile devices.

This includes a Central Flight Status View, ATC Messages allowing you to monitor filed flight plans, and Quick Actions to File, Delay, and Cancel flights, as well as view Flight Documents.

Flexible Scheduling Integrations

Dispatch’s Scheduling API allows ForeFlight to integrate with scheduling software providers and enterprise systems to seamlessly load new flight plans into Dispatch. Dispatch’s API currently supports integrations with Jeppesen Operator, SD Scheduler, Flightdocs, BART, Ops Console by Professional Flight Management, Inc., and Avmosys, with more to come.

The Scheduling API offers Hassle-free Flight Importing to automatically load scheduled flights into ForeFlight, allows you to easily Keep Tabs on Planned Flights, and facilitates generating Ad-hoc Performance Quotes for any aircraft and city-pair.

Integrated Flight Releases

Dispatch integrates crew assignment and mobile flight releases into its flight planning workflow, allowing planners to release flight plans directly to assigned crew members’ iPads and iPhones before departure.

When a flight is released, the Flight Plan and Documents Sync Automatically to the assigned crew’s devices. Any updates made in Dispatch Update Automatically on the crew’s devices, and crew members receive Automatic Email Notifications of new or updated flight plan information.

Advanced Flight Planning

Dispatch takes integrated flight planning to the next level, combining all of ForeFlight’s existing best-in-class features with new capabilities designed to help experienced planners and self-dispatching pilots work more efficiently.